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Vintage Marvel Zombies T-Shirt

Cover 1 Marvel Zombies T-Shirts
Vintage Marvel Zombies T-Shirt Item Number: TSMRVL09
Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $8.99
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Full Description
Marvel Zombies T-shirt - Marvel Zombies t-shirt in our super hero tees merchandise section featuring the Marvel Zombies mini series - This is an officially licensed superhero tee shirt from Marvel featuring the hardback cover of Marvel Zombies #1. The Marvel Zombies comic book featured and alternate universe in which all of the world's superheroes were turned into blood thristy zombies with an appetite for flesh. If you love the Marvel Zombies comic book run, then this Marvel Zombies t-shirt will make a great addition to your collection. Our Marvel Zombies t-shirts make a great gift. Marvel Zombies t-shirt color is as shown and these tee shirts are made of preshrunk cotton and comes in an adult size. Our Marvel Zombies t-shirts are really comfortable and these tees are made to last. If you have questions regarding our Marvel Zombies t-shirt or any of our other Marvel merchandise, please email us and include the product name and number.
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