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 This page was created to help our customers understand the progress of their order when they check in at customer login to see the status of their order.

Order Status

Status Meaning

Time Length

New Order Initial stage of process, we have recieved your payment information. less than 1 day
Payment Received / In Progress Processing the order has begun. Payment and shipping information has been confirmed and shipment of order will begin shortly. 1-3 days
Pending / On Hold Either personal information for shipment is missing or we have sent it out and had it returned. We will attempt to email you telling you of this problem and attempt to verify all information and how to go about correcting issue. from 1 day to completion of order depending on situation
Backorder Items are out of stock and have been backordered. 2-8 weeks depending on availability of item
Partially Shipped At least one of your items have shipped and the other item will be shipped out once we get the item back in stock. 3-5 business days to completion of order
Shipped The order has been processed and shipped to the shipping address. 3-10 business days depending on location of delivery
Declined We are unable to process your order due to lack of shipping / billing information of an invalid credit card number. We will contact you and request further info to complete order o reorder using another credit card of money order. 1 day to completion / cancellation of order
Cancelled Order Either the customer has emailed or called us and requested a cancel of the order, or we have found your information to be invalid, incorrect, or suspect and have cancelled the order. 3-5 business days to completion of order
Please note these times are all approx and may run longer or shorter depending upon your location, availability of items, and the length of time we can expect to receive our shipment of products. We try to place all order in the most appropriate category for ease of understanding for the customer and to give them a rough time frame on when to expect their orders.