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Helpful Info For Ordering Problems

If you have had any problems ordering from our site, here is some useful information that could help.

1. Have you filled out all required fields. Double check to ensure that you haven't missed a required field?

2. Simply try another card. In some cases, we are unable to verify or check the customer's identity and information pertaining to the credit card as some cards issued by banks don't have this feature available. In this case, your order will be rejected and cause an error. This is the most common rejection error we receive. If you have double checked all of the information and verified that it is correct, this is probably the issue. Simply switch to a different card. If using a Visa, try a Mastercard or a Discover or etc. 9 out of 10 times, this will solve the problem with your order.

3. Double check all of your info including your name, address, credit card number, expiration, Cvv code, and validate that all of your info is correct. Be sure to type your name as it appears on your card. A lot of times it will be as simple as a misspelling of an address or city that causes a rejection error by our processing software.

4. Did you enter the correct CVV number? The CVV number is located on the back of your card in the place you sign your name. It is the very last 3 digits on your Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Amex. Please note that depending on your location, Amex's CVV code may alternatively be located on the front above your credit card number and may be either 3 or 4 digits.

5. A recent move? If you have recently moved, the processing software may reject the order. Try placing your current address in the shipping field and your old address in the billing field. That might just do the trick.

6. If you live in an apartment complex, be sure to seperate your address on the 2 lines provided by the sotware. Place the main part of your address ( i.e. 123 Main Street ) on the first line and your apartment number on the second ( apartment 3 ). This tends to be a common rejection error by our software.

7. Try spelling out all info. Sometimes the software may reject your order because avenue, street, road, etc has been shortened using the abbreviation. Try writing out the full address and make sure that your name matches that on your card.

8. If you live on a road, street, etc. that has a direction in it as well, spell that out also. Use Southwest as opposed to sw and so forth. In addition to that, try leaving out the Southwest. The processing software may interpet that as an error and reject the order.

8. A recent name change? If you have recently married, the processing software may reject the order as your name will no longer match the one on your credit card. Try placing your new last name and address info in the shipping field and your old last name and previous address in the shipping address. Be sure to fill out all required fields.

10. Make sure no additional symbols (commas, periods, etc ) are in your address.

11. If none of the above solutions have worked, we will need you to resend all of your infomation to us so we can try to figure out the problem with your order as we don't keep credit card info on file. You can either email us, fax us at (724) 348-6859, or leave a message at (412) 437-1656 on our automated voice mail system with your name and the rejected order number, credit card info ( exact name as it appears on your card, your address, credit card number, expiration date, CVV number, your email address or fax number so we can contact you, and any other info that may help us to process your order quickly. Please include all of the information that is described above and any other info that may help us process your order more quickly or you can mail us with the above information and send a money order to us with the above info. Money orders generally ship in a week or so. We will either email you or fax you back depending on which way you want us to contact you regarding your order.