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Washing Instructions
 Make sure to follow all the instructions that are listed on your tag from the manufacturer and to follow the general washing principals associated with those materials for washing different types of clothing materials. It is important to follow these instructions as this will help to preserve not only the clothing, but the print as well.
Always make sure that when you do wash your clothing to always turn your garment inside out. This will help to preserve your chosen print and help to maintain the prints glossiness and appeal. Never machine dry any of your items. Always allow them to hang dry as a lot of our clothing is 100% cotton and and it is never advised to machine dry clothing especially all cotton garments.
It is ok to machine dry 50/50 items, but once again it is always best to hang dry for purposes stated above. These are just a few and simple ideas that will help you maintain your clothing and enjoy them for years to come. Please follow them closely as we are not responsible for clothing once it has been washed by the customer. If you have questions about washing your clothing, please email us and we will help you in anyway we can.
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