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What is your Return & Exchange Policy?
Returns: We will accept all of our licensed preprinted clothing products (such as tv show, movie, superhero, etc and says in the product description it is licensed ) if they have been unused, unwashed, unworn, not mishandled etc, and shipped back in their original contents within 21 days of the shipment date from our store. We don't accept returns on any of our non-licensed apparel as we print those in our store based on the color and size that you choose and is considered a custom made item. We do not accept returns or exchanges for clearance items as they are sold as is and described in the product description as closely as possible for why they may be on clearance (misprint, discontinued design, etc). Keychains, air fresheners, cardboard cutouts/standups, and stickers are not returnable under any conditions. In your return, please include your order sheet with your information on it that was sent to you at the time of checkout (sent to your email address at checkout). Please don't return the item with out the order sheet as we will be unable to accept the return. When returning the package, please legibly print your email address in case we need to contact you for further information or if there is problems processing your refund. When a return is needed, we advise that you purchase a delivery confirmation number (shows the details of your package and allows you to track the package) and insurance ( in case the package is lost the carrier will reimburse you for your loss). Tees 'N Things is not responsible for items that we don't receive by errors made by either the shipping carrier or the customer so please be sure to purchase both of these services. As long as you have both these numbers, the shipper will reimburse the customer for the amount you insured the package for once you file your claim with the company. Again, please purchase both of these services if you are planning on returning your items for any reason. Also note on the order sheet that you want a return or exchange so we can process your order as quickly as possibly. If this isn't provided, we will contact you. If we don't hear from the customer after a given amount of time, we will treat all returned packages as returns regardless if the order is being returned as an exchange or a return so please be sure to include that information. All shipping and handling charges are non refundable. Restocking fees are associated with all returns, please see our restocking fees associated with all returns at the bottom of the page.
Exchanges can be made within 21 days of the order being shipped from our store as long as the item has not been worn, washed, mistreated, etc. Exchanges are not avaliable for all non-licensed apparel, air fresheners, keychains, stickers, and items in our clearance section as they are sold as is. If you desire an exchange, please ship your item back with your name, your order number, your email address, and the order receipt with your information on it that was sent to you at the time of checkout (sent to your email address and the reason we require your email address to checkout). If you do not have that order receipt, provided an email no longer in use, provided us with the incorrect email address via a typo, or checked out as a guest, you may have not received your order receipt and we are unable to accept the return. This is your receipt for the order and the reason we ask you to keep this until the customer receives the item once you checkout. When an exchange is requested, it is advise that you purchase a confirmation / delivery number as we are not responsible for items that we don't receive by errors made by either the shipping carrier or the customer. Exchanges generally take 10 business days to process and complete and you will receive an email when your exchange is ready to be shipped. Please note that all shipping charges are not refundable and all shipping charges for an exchange is incurred by the customer. Restocking fees are associated with all exchanges, please see our restocking fees associated with exchanges at the bottom of the page.

See our F.A.Q section if your unsure if your item can be exchanged or returned.
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Discontinued Designs:
If for some reason one of our designs goes out of print and we are no longer able to get that item, the customer has the option of choosing another item or cancellation the order at no cost. We will email the customer to see what they would like to do. If we receive no response, we cancel the order and no charge is made to the customer's account. We generally wait for a approx 3-5 business days for a response and then run a refund.
Canceled Orders, Unclaimed Orders, Refused Orders, & Other Events:
Once an item is in another category in our order status other than new, it is considered being processed and is unable to be canceled. In this case, we will treat the item as a return and all fees that are associated with returns / exchanges will apply. Cardboard Standups can not be canceled as we don't carry those in stock. We make a special order on behalf of the customer once we receive the order. Those usually take 6-8 weeks to be completed.

From time to time, we receive orders that are left unclaimed or refused from the address that it was shipped. These items will be treated as a return and incur all fees associated with a return / exchanged item along with an additional 10% processing fee. Items that are ordered and marked as a pre-order, clearance, misprint, etc or state that a certain size is out of stock with an expected delivery date and are ordered will be treated as a refund. The delivery times posted for items of this sort are only expectation of when the order may arrive. Sometimes it wil be much shorter other times it will be longer. These items can't be canceled as they are special ordered.
Damaged Returns / Exchanges Via The Customer:
If a customer has shipped us an item back that we believe has been damaged by the customer (worn, washed, etc) and that we would be unable to sell that item at full price, the return / exchange will not be granted and we will ship the item back to the customer at their expense. We do not under any circumstance accept any returns / exchanges for damaged goods via the customer. If you have any questions regarding our return / exchange policies, please email us or call us.
Restocking Fees:
Licensed T-Shirts & Apparel Product will state that the item is licensed t-shirt or product (i.e. movie t-shirts, hats etc). These items are preprinted. Restocking fee is $4.00 per item ordered.