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What are your shipping costs?
Shipping costs are based on the weight of the package. 
Where will you ship?
We ship to many international countries including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe for credit cards. For all other countries, we accept money orders as the only form of payment. All orders outside of the U.S. must be shipped to the same address as the card is being billed to or it will not ship. If you don't see a shipping option for your country at the time of checkout, a money order is the only form of payment accepted from the supplied address. If you have questions to which countries we accept credit cards or if you are in need of other payment or billing information, please email us at anytime and we will try to assist you as best we can.
When can I expect to receive my items?
Most orders are processed within 2-4 business days and usually ship shortly after, but please allow 6-8 weeks for items that are out of stock or special order.
What are the differences in your shipping choices?
We offer both Express Shipping and Priority Shipping via USPS. Below is a brief description of both of the services that are currently offered.
USPS Priority Mail - Approx 2-4 days to ship to US destinations and 4-7 days worldwide after we have processed all the required info for your order (Usually 2-4 business days)
Express Shipping - Next day in most areas within the US. Cutoff times for Express Shipping is 10:00 p.m. for shipment the following day. All orders using Express Shipping placed after 10:00 p.m. on Thursday will ship Monday morning as we don't package and ship orders over the weekend.
Delivery Confirmation and Notices
We send out all of our clothing with confirmation notices to ensure that the package has been delivered and to the address provided by the customer. These numbers are sent to you via the USPS at the time of print out and are useful for tracking your package as it is being delivered to your house. Some postal areas will require a signature for proof that the item has been sent. If you are not at home when the item is delivered, a notice is generally left from the postal service with details on how to claim your item. If it goes unclaimed and is sent back, we will contact you via email. Please be sure that the email you submit is yours and in working order so we can notify you of this occurrence. If we receive no response, we will contact you via email one more time. If we do not get a response again, we will treat this as a return and you will be refunded your money less the shipping and restocking fees associated with a return. If we receive a response from the customer, we will ship again. However, the customer will incur the shipping cost for redelivery.
Shipping Note
Please make sure that you fill out all fields properly and complete and without abbreviations when completing a transaction as we are not responsible for items sent to the wrong address by way of a mistake in shipping information given to us by the customer. For domestic (US) customers, we will ship to a different address. We are not responsible for goods that are lost in the mail or are not received by the customer once the item leaves our store so please purchase the insurance that is offered on page two of our checkout. This is required for claims of lost / damage packages with the USPS and if insurance is not purchased you will have no claim. We strongly advise that all orders purchase insurance, but we leave that up to the customer's discretion. It's rare that a package is lost, but it does happen occasionally. The cost to purchase insurance (covers that amount of your order in case of loss or damage) is $3.00 and will be charged the day your order ships and not at the time of checkout. An updated invoice will be sent with your order showing the additional charges. If a package is lost (allow 21 days (minimum USPS requires to file a claim ) from the time the order shipped from our store) , simply login to your account and go to "view order history". Your tracking number associated with your order will be listed there. Once you have the tracking number you can file a claim online at http://www.usps.com/insuranceclaims/ or visit your local post with the tracking number. If you're unsure of what to do, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.

A signature confirmation ( the customer's signature is required for the package to be delivered) is a good idea to purchase if you think you may not be home when the item is delivered. The cost of a signature is $3.00 for the entire order and then name on the package will be required to sign for the package.

We do not ship internationally if the shipping and billing addresses are different and there is no exception to this rule unless a money order is provided with a copy of your order and sent to our address. If we have questions on your address or other information, we will attempt to contact you by way of email. Once again, please make sure you have a valid and working email address.

Suspect orders
If we suspect fraud of any sort, we will immediately call the credit card company to see if the card is stolen or has been tampered with. If it appears that there has been some type of fraudulent activity associated with this card, we will cancel the order without notice and contact the card providers immediately. We do this not only to protect ourselves, but to protect those individuals whose identity is being used fraudently and without their consent. In addition, we capture all IP addresses for all orders, which designates the ISP being used and the location of the IP address for where the order was placed. If the IP address doesn't match the origin of billilng address of the order, the order will be cancelled and email will be sent to you with regards to the matter.
Who are your carriers?
We ship USPS and will be adding UPS to our shipping carriers shortly.